Signs of Soul Mate Connection

A soul mate connection is a mutual chemistry between two people that leads to their falling in love and getting into a relationship and/or marriage. Soul mates are intertwined through their souls and meant to become.

People who have met their soul mates are familiar with the connection I am talking about. It is a sacred feeling and status that most people spend their lifetimes and fortunes to achieve.

While many people around the world have been lucky enough to spiritually connect with their destined soul mates, many others are so far unlucky in their quest for that connection. A good number of my past clients had struggled with not knowing how to identify their soul mates.

Confusion and other reasons can keep you away from your soul mate.

How to know you found your soul mate connection?

Oftentimes, soul mates come in disguise. You need to know how to identify and leverage that special moment when your path crosses that of your soul mate in life. That moment comes once in a lifetime. You are probably wondering what signs to look out for so as not to miss your soul mate connection moment. Astrologer Sarah Mills has got you covered.

1. Intense Emotional Feelings

At that special moment your soul mate shows up in your life, you are bound to have intense unexplainable feelings about him/her.

That is a spiritual connection moment that seldom comes in a person’s life. Ignoring such feelings about someone could let your chance of meeting your destined soul mate slip through your fingers.

2. Instant Mutual Connection

The two of you are likely to fit into each other’s dreams, sparking feelings of thoughtfulness and lots of care. He/she is likely to have the persona you have always wished for.

Therefore, your soul mate is likely to make you feel complete. Your intense feelings about each other should be mutual to achieve your soul mate connection. Otherwise, it becomes a one-sided relationship with a poor connection.

3. A Perfect Timing

Believers of destiny will agree that patience is an important virtue to have for you to meet your soul mate. That does not necessarily mean that the process is supposed to take ages. Some people are lucky to meet their connection early in life while many others meet their soul mates later in life, including after divorces.

However long it takes, the soul mate connection is worth your patience in life. Above all, if a soul mate connection is supposed to happen, it will most definitely happen. You need to believe and have patience.

The universe is likely to send you the signs, all you need to do is be vigilant not to miss or ignore those signs.

4. A Telepathic Connection

More times than not, the two of you are going to have a similar train of thought. Sometimes you might either end up saying the same things together or even sharing the same thoughts just ahead of your soul mate.

This is akin to sign language with the two of you have the special ability to decode the intended message with ease. A telepathic connection is one of the best and most popular signs between soul mates whose paths in life happen to cross each other.

Shared thoughts mean you can relate more with your soul mate and be comfortable around each other for the longest time.

5. Trust and Loyalty

When you are lucky enough to meet your soul mate in life, the peace within will make you worry less about the people in his/her life. Your soul mate is likely to earn your trust and also trust you with equal measure. You will spend less time being jealous.

With trust comes loyalty. In some cases, the two of you could be in two different relationships but the special factors of trust and loyalty are likely to reunite the two of you.


When some or all the signs about someone click for you, that person is likely to be your happy place. Most times than not, that special person will not feel like strangers to you. Your comfortable feelings about each other are the catalyst you need to take action and propose to him/her.

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